About Us

About Us

Enforcement Electronics was started back in March of 1984 by Robert N. Logue (Bob), a retired army electronics tech, when his brother Richard Logue, a Florida State Trooper, told him that it took too long for him to get his radar back from being sent off for certification. Bob researched what it would take to certify and repair radars and decided to get into the business.

Bob went to several radar manufacturers and was trained by the factory technicians at MPH and Kustom. He then opened a repair facility for both.

In 1993, Enforcement Electronics became the first privately owned company to certify lasers in Florida.

In 1994, Enforcement Electronics became the second company in Florida to repair and calibrate evidentiary breath testing instruments. Enforcement Electronics is now the only company in Florida repairing and certifying these instruments.

Enforcement Electronics was founded on customer service, and we still believe in giving the customer the best service possible.