Enforcement Electronics was started back in March of 1984 by Robert N. Logue.

Robert is a retired U.S. Army electronics tech. It all started when his brother Richard Logue, a Florida State Trooper, told him that it took too long for him to get his radar back from being sent off for certification.

Now Enforcement Electronics provides a wide variety of services to law enforcement


We help law enforcement agencies keep their speed enforcement equipment repaired (if needed) and certified every 6 months so the agency can perform their speed enforcement duties which keeps the public safe on the roads.

We Work On Both New And Old Instruments

We will provide practical, timely maintenance to help ensure the longevity of your speed enforcement equipment.

100% Law Enforcement Services

We service only Law enforcement agencies, Local and State, and Military police forces

Need parts?

Enforcement Electronics has all you need!

Describe the parts you want, such as the part number and we will have them delivered to you!

Fill out our online form with any question, or need, and we will get back to you ASAP

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday from 8AM until 5PM with lunch from 12PM to 1PM
Holidays being the exception.

Call us today for your radar repair or certification needs.


We have been working with law enforcement for decades, and our reputation has grown farther than we imagined due to our honesty, respect, and impressive customer service.

We Prioritize Urgency

Because we understand the importance and urgency of your job, we make sure to repair and return your products quickly.

100% Reliable

We believe that trust is built through performance. So we set our standards high to meet our clients’ expectations.