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Enforcement Electronics was founded with the belief of SERVICE no matter what equipment manufacturer the agency uses.

We provide full service whether it is In-House, or On-Site for :

Radars, Lasers, Tint Meters,In-Car Video Systems.

Speedometer Certifications (Car)2WD, AWD,and Motorcycle.

We provide all of your Intoxilyzer and Simulator supplies, and needs.

Please call 1-800-723-2779 for pricing.

Enforcement Electronics is a Warranty Service Center for :

CMI Intoxilyzer (the only Warranty and non Warranty service Center in Florida)  www.alcoholtest.com

M.P.H. Industries.  www.mphindustries.com

Applied Concepts (Stalker Radar)  www.stalkerradar.com 

Kustom Signals  www.kustomsignals.com

Decatur Electronics www.decaturradar.com

Laser Technologies www.lasertech.com

Watch Guard www.watchguardvideo.com

Code 3 www.code3pse.com